Emergency Care

Sometimes you need a dentist right now! Whether it’s immediate pain, infections, broken teeth, or any type of accident, we are here to take care of you.

Whitefield Dental is known to be the Emergency Dental Office for Nashville because we are open 6 days every week. We are available when other offices are not. So don’t wait, give us a call right now by clicking the button below.


If you want to replace a missing tooth or teeth, dental implants are the best solution for you. They don’t decay, they work like real teeth, and they last for year and years. Plus, who better to trust than Dr. Whitefield because he is established as one of Nashville’s leading cosmetic and implant dentists. Learn more about Dr. Whitefield has impacted patient’s lives with implant dentistry by clicking the button below.


You should be confident and proud of your smile! And if you aren’t, we can fix anything from replacing a chipped or missing tooth, removing metal from your mouth or changing the color of your smile. Click below to learn more about how we can help you have a confident smile.


Dental pain, tooth loss, and traumatic injury are some of the reasons that Restorative Dentistry might be right for you. These problems, if ignored, can lead to other major health issues and symptoms including headaches, infections, additional tooth loss, heart disease, and more. Find out more about our restorative services by clicking the button below.


We provide routine dental care and hygiene appointments to ensure a lifetime of smiles. It’s important for you to stay on top of your oral health by visiting us twice a year for a routine cleaning. Major changes can develop over a short period of time and we want to be on the lookout for cavities, decay, oral cancer and other potential roadblocks on your way to a beautiful and healthy smile.